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Anodic Epoxy

PPG Anodic Epoxy Electrocoat Products

Anodic epoxy coatings offer good corrosion resistance at a cure temperature under 200ºF. These coatings have good throwpower and exhibit outstanding performance over aluminum. The low cure attributes of anodic epoxies make these electrocoat products an excellent primer or final finish for thick and heavy parts such as castings and engines, as well as temperature-sensitive substrates or assemblies. Anodic epoxy coatings are chemically resistant to many fuels, oils and coolants found in and around engine parts.

PPG Featured Anodic Epoxy Product

PPG’s lowest cure thermoset product available. POWERCRON® 150 cures at temperatures as low as 180°F. This product can be formulated in any color, including white and offers the best corrosion properties of any anodic product.