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Anodic Acrylic

PPG Anodic Acrylic Electrocoat Products

Anodic acrylic electrocoatings offer a single-coat application used for both interior and exterior environments and are available in numerous colors and glosses. In applications requiring a cost-effective way of applying a decorative or functional coating with good color control, anodic acrylic electrocoatings may offer the best value. These products are used as a one-coat finish on toolboxes, hangers and HVAC parts. They are also used to coat electrical switchgear, which require not only color and gloss control, but also film hardness, chemical resistance and corrosion protection.

PPG Featured Anodic Acrylic Products

One of PPG's oldest electrocoat products, this economical, one-coat , interior anodic acrylic finish has been used by customers for over 20 years. This product has an ultra smooth appearance with excellent color and gloss control and is UL recognized.

PPG’s newest anodic acrylic technology with reduced bake requirements and good throwpower capabilities. The low VOC level in POWERCRON® 394 makes it environmentally friendly as well.