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Technical Services


Training Services

PPG offers a wide variety of training services:
  • Orientation Training – Conducted on-site at a customer’s facility, prior to and during a system start-up, to ensure that personnel are familiar and comfortable operating the system.
  • Advanced Training – Two-day classroom style seminars at our R&D facilities (Knowledge College)
  • Customized Training – Able to accommodate requests for specialized training, usually on-line at a customer’s site.

PPG Knowledge College®

The purpose of our two day training class is two-fold:
  • To help our customers better understand the electrocoating process
  • To acquaint our customers with the electrocoating team and their expertise so we can do the best possible job of servicing all of your electrocoating system needs

Our two day seminar is designed to be open and informal to provide you an opportunity to learn more about PPG and our POWERCRON? Industrial Electrocoat Products. Training is conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere by many of the same people you deal with regularly as a PPG Electrocoating customer. The class will be comprehensive, highly informative, well documented and action packed. Questions are welcomed at any time.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion after their full participation in the session, including the Springdale Electrocoating Laboratories tour.

The first day consists of classroom-type presentations and is held at the Hyatt Place Pittsburgh – North Shore located in Pittsburgh, PA. The second day consists of a trip to our Springdale R&D facility for a tour of the electrocoat laboratories in the morning and concludes at the Hyatt with classroom-type presentations in the afternoon.


Day One: Consists of classroom-type presentations held in Pittsburgh, PA. All meals and refreshments are provided. Topics include:
  • E-coat basics and chemistry
  • Technologies, safety and environmental topics
  • Process control and preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and defect analysis
  • Equipment design and operation (Part 1)
  • Pretreatment for e-coat systems
Day Two: Morning classes on Day Two are held in Pittsburgh, PA. Afternoon classes are held at our Research and Development center in Springdale, PA. Transportation to and from Springdale is provided, as well as breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Topics include:
  • Equipment design and operation (Part 2)
  • Closing evaluation
  • Class adjourns


May 3-4 or September 27-28

Contact your local PPG sales or service representative to register.