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Technical Services

PPG Electrocoat Technical Services

In addition to our high performing electrocoat products, PPG offers many value added services to support the use of these products. Used on a variety of parts in many markets, PPG recognizes that the successful use of electrocoat depends on how well a system is designed, built, maintained, and operated. We also recognize that in order to gain 100% customer satisfaction, we have to work side by side with our customers to make sure that our products meet or exceed their performance specifications and are approved for use in any market.

To accomplish this, PPG has dedicated, expert leadership in the following areas:
  • Technical Sales and Service
  • Equipment Design and Consultation
  • Customer Response Laboratories
  • Performance Testing Laboratories
  • Training

Technical Sales and Service

PPG’s technical sales and service representatives are cross trained in many coating technologies, including electrocoat, so that they can provide the best possible level of service to our customers. This cross training enables our field representatives to evaluate and troubleshoot a complete finishing process. Many of our technical sales and service representatives, have worked with or serviced electrocoat for over 30 years, making them some of the best and experienced electrocoat service specialists in the world.

When an electrocoat system is started, PPG will be there to properly clean and fill the paint tank. Once filled, our service representatives can assist with any pre-production runs by helping to set up the operating parameters of the paint tank and equipment. When production begins, they continuously monitor systems to make sure they operate at a peak performance and to remain proactive in preventing any problems. If a problem occurs, PPG has representatives all over the world to provide the timely, on-site service call that may be needed to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Equipment Design and Consultation

Our team of equipment specialists consults customers and fabricators on electrocoat and pretreatment equipment design. When someone is considering electrocoat, PPG’s equipment specialists go step by step through the entire finishing process with a customer, making sure that:
  • The correct number and location of stages are present.
  • Each stage is designed and built to the latest design standards.
  • All components are sized correctly.
Our equipment specialists are also experts on estimating finishing costs. They compare electrocoat costs to other finishes so that our customers have a complete understanding of all of the costs associated with any finishing process. When electrocoat is the most economical choice, our equipment specialists will help customers understand why.

Additionally, PPG’s equipment specialists continuously research and study new innovations in the field of electrocoating and pretreatment equipment, so that customers can fully benefit from these advancements in technology. PPG has even partnered with equipment companies in the design and innovation of new processes.

In summary, PPG knows that a well designed and built finishing system is a requirement for any electrocoat finish to be successful. By providing a dedicated staff of equipment specialists, PPG aids customers though the entire process of cost justification, design, installation, and operation of their pretreatment and electrocoating equipment.

Customer Response Laboratories

When a problem exists in the field that can’t be solved on-line, PPG depends on their customer response team. Located at our industrial electrocoat technology center, this team specializes in the entire troubleshooting and problem solving process. Their purpose is defined by their mission statement:

“To provide our customers with timely and effective communications that address issues, improve electrocoat operation, and reduce complexity.”

Assisted by a historical database of over 150 different problems that have been solved, this team is able to quickly indentify defects and determine the root cause so that a corrective action plan can be implemented. Their tank sampling laboratory provides analytical testing services on paint samples to help keep electrocoat tanks within specification and to identify potential tank problems before they occur on line.

They work very closely and constantly communicate with our product development laboratories, equipment specialists, and technical service representatives in an effort to maintain complete customer satisfaction with PPG’s electrocoat products.

Performance Testing Laboratories

PPG is equipped to complete many performance tests that a customer would require to approve the use of electrocoat.  Our Performance Testing Laboratory is accredited by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to perform a variety of tests on painted metal substrates, such as adhesion, cyclic corrosion, humidity, chemical exposure, and salt spray.  For a complete list of all of our performance testing capabilities and accredidations, click here.