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Cathodic Epoxy

PPG Cathodic Epoxy Electrocoat Products 

Cathodic epoxy coatings offer the ultimate corrosion and chemical resistance and serve as the benchmark for primer performance in the automotive and appliance industries. These coatings provide superior salt spray, humidity and cyclic corrosion resistance. Cathodic epoxies can be formulated to provide protection over sharp edges and welds, without pulling back or exposing the metal underneath. These coatings also exhibit excellent throwpower, making them a great choice for complex ware packages, or parts with cavities or hidden areas that need a coating.

PPG’s cathodic epoxy coatings are formulated with near zero VOC’s and are most often HAPs free. These coatings are robust and easy to use with a wide window of operation.

PPG Featured Cathodic Epoxy Products 

POWERCRON® 590-534
One of PPG’s black, high performance, low VOC, HAPs-free automotive primers. Approved for use by most major OEMs and available is a single component feed package.

PPG’s high performing black cationic epoxy finish approved for use on automotive parts. Available in an easy to use, single component formulation.

A high performing cationic epoxy finish from PPG, formulated to meet the corrosion requirements of the transportation and many other markets without the use of heavy metals.

PPG’s cationic epoxy finish, for broad industrial applications. Specially formulated to provide superior edge coverage in a variety of colors.

PPG’s cationic epoxy product approved for use in the appliance industry. This lead-free and low-solvent formulation offers outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance.

PPG’s high edge coverage technology optimized specifically for fasteners. Specially formulated to coat parts, such as fasteners, in bulk applications without part-to-part sticking, recess head fill and thread fill.

FrameCoat® II
PPG’s latest generation of high-edge, black cathodic epoxy electrocoat designed to meet both frame and small part specifications.