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Cathodic Acrylic

PPG Cathodic Acrylic Electrocoat Products

Cathodic acrylic coatings are capable of providing the best combination of corrosion resistance, exterior durability and color control. These coatings offer good corrosion protection and UV durability, while retaining their original appearance in all weather conditions. Cathodic acrylic coatings are available in a wide range of color and gloss selections, making them an ideal choice for exterior one-coat final finishes as well as parts that require a highly decorative appearance.

PPG Featured Cathodic Acrylic Products

PPG’s first generation cathodic acrylic electrocoat offers bright, glossy colors with exceptional clarity resulting in a “wet look” finish. This wet look coupled with its high performance capabilities allow this coating to be applied in a one-coat finish to assure minimal costs in production. This product requires less energy with cure schedules at or below 300ºF.

PPG’s second-generation cathodic acrylic electrocoat has the unique properties of an automotive performing corrosion resistant primer with UV durability. This product offers excellent chip resistance and good throwpower. POWERCRON® 830 is UL recognized.

PPG’s cathodic acrylic product formulated to meet the demands of the appliance industry, in a one-coat finish, without the use of heavy metals and high solvent levels. This product yields excellent hardness and solvent/chemical resistance in a wide range of colors, including bright white.

PPG’s high performance cathodic acrylic electrocoat formulated for the optimum balance of corrosion resistance and UV durability. This product has excellent hardness and is available in a wide range of color and gloss.

PPG’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly product for use as a high gloss decorative clear coating with sharper image and higher DOI than conventional lacquers. ELECTROCLEAR® 2000 can be combined with PPG's Gemstone Collection of tints to produce striking transparent color coatings.

PPG’s decorative clear coating with additional UV protection and perspiration resistance properties than EC2700. ELECTROCLEAR® 2800 can be combined with PPG's Genstone Collection of tints to produce striking transparent color coatings.