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PPG Electrocoat Technologies

Electrocoats are either considered anodic or cathodic, depending on the polarity of the part, paint and electrodes in the system.  The fundamental principle that drives electrocoating is the ability of opposite charges to attract one another.  In anodic electrocoating, a negatively charged paint particle is attracted to a positively charged part.  In cathodic electrocoating, a positively charged paint particle is attracted to a negatively charged part.

Anodic electrocoats are the original electrocoat finishes, developed in the early 1960s by PPG for use as automotive primers. Since that time, they have been used for coating a wide range of products that require excellent gloss, color, hardness, and durability in interior or moderate exterior environments.

Cathodic electrocoats were first commercialized by PPG in 1971 and since that time have set the standard for coatings that must provide superior corrosion resistance. In addition, cathodic products can also provide excellent gloss and color retention in exterior environments and can be used as primers or one coat final finishes for both interior and exterior applications.

PPG electrocoat products generally include acrylic or epoxy resin polymers. In order to provide the electrocoat product that best matches an end users needs, the type of polymer, along with the method of deposition (anodic or cathodic) must be considered. Therefore, PPG Electrocoat is classified into four separate technologies, each offering different properties or advantages:

Electrocoat Technologies

The electrocoat finish may meet the end user’s requirements in a single coat application. A top coat may be applied over the electrocoat to change the color and improve the overall UV durability and corrosion properties of the coating. Often, the top coat is a spray powder or liquid finish. However, the primer layer of electrocoat can be made so that it is conductive, which allows the end user to apply a second layer of e-coat. This two-coat electrocoat was developed by PPG to allow electrocoat users to have the best of both worlds: maximum corrosion and UV durability while benefiting from the superior efficiencies of electrocoat.

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