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Markets & Applications

Sports & Recreation

PPG's UV durable electrocoatings are now being formulated with additional corrosion protection. This provides a cost effective way to finish many recreational vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs and 3-wheelers with a beautiful one coat finish, while still offering the option of being used as a corrosion protecting primer for liquid or powder top coats. In addition, watercraft and marine engines look for electrocoat to provide the corrosion protection needed for parts exposed to the water.

PPG Featured Electrocoat Products for Sports & Recreation

PPG’s second-generation cathodic acrylic electrocoat has the unique properties of an automotive performing corrosion resistant primer with UV durability. This product offers excellent chip resistance and good throwpower. It is UL recognized.

PPG’s ultimate one-coat cathodic acrylic electrocoat provides the best combination of corrosion resistance and UV durability. Also a top coat friendly and excellent throwpower product, POWERCRON 840 can simplify the painting process by acting as a primer or a one-coat final finish.

PPG’s high performing black cationic epoxy finish approved for use on automotive parts. Available in an easy to use, single component formulation.

PPG’s cationic epoxy finish, for broad industrial applications, specially formulated to provide superior edge coverage in a variety of colors.