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Markets & Applications

Heavy Duty Equipment

PPG electrocoat is used in the agriculture and construction industry to coat heavy duty equipment and trucks. Our products give OEMs a showroom finish in a wide range of colors and gloss, that can survive the rigors of farming or just mowing the lawn at home. The low cure capabilities of many of our products make them an ideal choice for many temperature sensitive substates and thick castings used in the industry.

PPG Featured Electrocoat Products for HDE

PPG’s lowest cure thermoset product available, this anodic epoxy product cures at temperatures as low as 180°F. This product can be formulated in any color (including white) and offers the best corrosion properties of any anodic product.

PPG’s first generation cathodic acrylic electrocoat offers bright, glossy colors with exceptional clarity resulting in a “wet look” finish. This wet look coupled with its high performance capabilities allow this coating to be applied in a one-coat finish to assure minimal costs in production. This product requires less energy with cure schedules at or below 300ºF.

PPG’s second-generation cathodic acrylic electrocoat has the unique properties of an automotive performing corrosion resistant primer with UV durability. This product offers excellent chip resistance and good throwpower. It is UL recognized.

PPG’s ultimate one-coat cathodic acrylic electrocoat provides the best combination of corrosion resistance and UV durability. Also a top coat friendly and excellent throwpower product, POWERCRON 840 can simplify the painting process by acting as a primer or a one-coat final finish.

PPG’s high performing black cationic epoxy finish approved for use on automotive parts. Available in an easy to use, single component formulation.

A high performing cationic epoxy finish from PPG, formulated to meet the corrosion requirements of the heavy duty truck and many other markets without the use of heavy metals, namely lead and chrome.

PPG’s cationic epoxy finish, for broad industrial applications, specially formulated to provide superior edge coverage in a variety of colors.