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Markets & Applications


PPG ELECTROCLEAR® and ELECTROCOLOR® finishes comprise a family of acrylic-urethane electrocoats that are formulated to deliver high gloss, decorative finishes with improved chemical and corrosion resistance. These finishes are applied over plated and base metal substrates such as gold, brass, silver, nickel, aluminum, copper, or steel. The electrophoretic nature of these coatings enable them to adhere smoothly and evenly to irregular surfaces and enhance the most complex shapes. The electrocoat finish offers an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to those who are currently using anodized, plated or lacquer products, while still offering an extraordinary finish with a high DOI (Distinction-of-Image).

Our products are used in a wide range of applications including eyeglass frames, hardware, hand tools, costume jewelry and extrusions. Our coatings meet a variety of specifications within these markets, including those set forth by the BHMA for hardware. These products can be combined with our Gemstone Collection of tints to produce striking transparent color coatings.

PPG Featured Electrocoat Products for Decorative Finishes

PPG's cost-effective, environmentally friendly, cathodic acrylic-urethane electrocoat for use in the general metal finishing market as a decorative finish.

PPG's decorative clear electrocoat with additional UV protection and perspiration resistance properties than our EC2000 product.