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Markets & Applications

Bulk Finishing

PPG provides electrocoats specifically for use in bulk finishing systems that require no labor to hang small parts. Commonly used on fasteners, our products do not fill recessed heads or threads. The coating is torque tension controlled and does not cause hydrogen embrittlement, with many color offerings to meet the needs of the automotive and construction fastener industries.

As part of PPG's ELECTROPOLYSEAL™ coating processes, electrocoat is deposited over zinc phosphated, spun or plated surfaces to offer excellent corrosion protection, without the use of chrome or lead in the finish.

PPG Featured Electrocoat Product for Bulk Finishing

PPG’s high edge coverage technology optimized specifically for fasteners. Specially formulated to coat parts in bulk applications (e.g. fasteners) without part-to-part sticking, recess head fill and thread fill.