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Markets & Applications

Building & Household Products

Around the house, you will likely find something that has been coated with PPG electrocoat. From ventilation air diffusers and garage shelves to the hangers for your clothes, the multiple colors and durability of electrocoat make it a logical choice for these interior parts and many other 3-dimensional parts, such as switchgear and tool boxes.

Outside and around construction sites, electrocoats are used on structural steel, generators, compressors, and metal fences. These parts require a good combination of corrosion and UV protection, sometimes looking to the use of a two-coat electrocoat process to meet their needs and reduce finishing costs.

PPG Featured Electrocoat Products for Building & Household

PPG’s lowest cure thermoset product available, this anodic epoxy product cures at temperatures as low as 180°F. This product can be formulated in any color (including white) and offers the best corrosion properties of any anodic product.

One of PPG's oldest electrocoat products, this economical, one-coat, interior anodic acrylic finish has been used by customers for over 20 years. This product has an ultra smooth appearance with excellent color and gloss control and is UL recognized.

PPG’s newest anodic acrylic technology with reduced bake requirements and good throwpower capabilities. The low VOC level in this product makes it environmentally friendly as well.

PPG’s cationic epoxy finish, for broad industrial applications, specially formulated to provide superior edge coverage in a variety of colors.