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Since 1976, when PPG commercially introduced cathodic electrocoat primers for automotive bodies, our products have become the standard for protecting automobiles, including their parts and accessories. Our electrocoat products offer corrosion and chemical resistance to nature's harsh elements, extending the life of automobiles around the world. Over the years, PPG's electrocoat products have continuously evolved to meet the demands of the automotive industry by introducing lead-free electrocoats, two-coat electrocoat for added chip resistance and FrameCoat® for superior corrosion resistance on edges and welds. Our single component feed products reduce the labor and equipment costs needed to run the electrocoat system. For years, our award winning products have added value and lowered the overall operating cost to the automotive marketplace.

PPG Featured Electrocoat Products for Automotive Parts

PPG’s lowest cure thermoset product available, this anodic epoxy product cures at temperatures as low as 180°F. This product can be formulated in any color, including white and offers the best corrosion properties of any anodic product.

PPG’s second-generation cathodic acrylic electrocoat has the unique properties of an automotive performing corrosion resistant primer with UV durability. This product offers excellent chip resistance and good throwpower. It is UL recognized.

PPG’s ultimate one-coat cathodic acrylic electrocoat provides the best combination of corrosion resistance and UV durability. Also a top coat friendly and excellent throwpower product, POWERCRON 840 can simplify the painting process by acting as a primer or a one-coat final finish.

PPG’s high performing black cationic epoxy finish approved for use on automotive parts. Available in an easy to use, single component formulation.

A high performing cationic epoxy finish from PPG, formulated to meet the corrosion requirements of the heavy duty truck and many other markets without the use of heavy metals, namely lead and chrome.

PPG’s cationic epoxy finish for broad industrial applications. Specially formulated to provide superior edge coverage in a variety of colors.

FrameCoat II
PPG’s latest generation of a black cathodic epoxy electrocoat designed to meet both frame and small part specifications. Approved for use on frames and automotive parts.

Enviro-Prime® 2000
Made and supplied only to the Automotive OEMs, this global lead-free electrocoat from PPG is the product of choice for all automotive assembly plants. For more information on all of our Automotive OEM products visit PPG's Automotive Electrocoat website.