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Markets & Applications


Many common household appliances such as laundry machines, ovens, and range hoods are coated with PPG electrocoat. Our products offer excellent corrosion resistance to detergents, as well as gloss, hardness, and color, making them an ideal choice for primers as well as cost-saving one coat applications. Electrocoat has kept performance and appearance at all-time high levels, while reducing costs to keep this industry competitive in a price-conscious marketplace.

PPG Featured Electrocoat Products for Appliances

PPG’s cathodic acrylic product formulated to meet the demands of the appliance industry in a one-coat finish, without the use of heavy metals and high solvent levels. This product yields excellent hardness and solvent/chemical resistance in a wide range of colors, including bright white.

PPG’s cationic epoxy product approved for use in the appliance industry. This lead-free and low-solvent formulation offers outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance.

PPG’s cationic epoxy finish for broad industrial applications, specially formulated to provide superior edge coverage in a variety of colors.