Intricate Performance

The low cure attributes of anodic epoxies
make these electocoat products an
excellent finish for castings, engines, and
temperature-sensitive substrates or

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Cool Coatings

Anodic acrylic coatings offer one-coat
capabilities for manufacturers who
require excellent appearance, color
and uniformity.

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Protect and Preserve

Cathodic epoxy coatings offer the ultimate
corrosion and chemical resistance, and
serve as the benchmark for primer
performance in the automotive and
appliance industries.

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Strength & Beauty

Cathodic acrylic coatings are capable
of providing the best combination of
corrosion resistance, exterior
durability, and color control.

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Welcome to PPG Electrocoat

At PPG, we provide a comprehensive mix of anodic and cathodic electrocoats to a variety of markets.

Our products are manufactured globally, supported by local sales and service teams that can provide timely, on-site support.

In addition, our electrocoat technology centers are staffed with experts in the electrocoat industry that provide a variety of laboratory, educational and equipment services to keep our customers’ production running smoothly.


The low applied cost, high performance and environmental friendliness of electrocoat makes it a popular choice for OEM's and job shops who finish parts.

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What's New

PPG Electrocoat is excited to announce the 2016 dates for PPG KNOWLEDGE COLLEGEĀ® Training.

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