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About PPG Electrocoat

For over 50 years, PPG has been providing electrocoat products that offer complete, high quality substrate protection to many markets. From the first anodic electrocoat tank in 1963 to over 2,000 industrial tanks today, no other company has done more to establish a reputation as the most trusted name in the electrocoat industry. In fact, virtually all of the milestones in the history of electrocoating have been PPG innovations – an example of our commitment to the electrocoat industry. Our innovation leadership, combined with our value added services, help to ensure that electrocoat can meet the demands of customers in many markets throughout the world.

At PPG, we provide a comprehensive mix of anodic and cathodic electrocoats, to a variety of markets. Our products are manufactured globally, supported by local sales and service teams that can provide timely, on-site support. Our products have received prestigious R&D 100 and PACE awards, and are developed to be high performing, environmentally friendly, and cost effective to use. In addition, our electrocoat technology centers are staffed with experts in the electrocoat industry that provide a variety of laboratory, educational and equipment services to keep our customer’s production running smoothly. These resources help to create a successful partnership with our customers by working together to:
  • Evaluate existing operations and advise on whether electrocoat is the right choice.
  • Provide comprehensive start-up assistance, troubleshooting, and laboratory testing support.
  • Support operations with responsive local teams to keep production running at peak efficiencies.
  • Consult on equipment operation and design including finishing system reviews.
  • Directly support customers from our product development laboratories.
  • Provide a variety of training and educational seminars.
We are committed to helping our customers succeed in using our electrocoat products. That success not only depends on the product itself, but how it is used for each application. PPG has the resources to not only develop and manufacture the right product for each application, but to make sure that finishing systems are designed and operated correctly. When this is done, our customers can fully benefit from the advantages of PPG electrocoat:
  • Exceptional finish quality
  • Innovative technologies that meet market demands
  • High performing products
  • Low applied cost at a high productivity
  • Product and process consistency
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Responsive product support throughout the world
PPG has a long history of promoting and advancing the use of electrocoat throughout the world. We truly believe that no other coating technology can offer more advantages than electrocoat, and that no other company offers more dedication and support to our electrocoat customers than PPG. As a founding member of The Electrocoat Association, we work with customers, suppliers, and competitors to make sure that the industry is well educated on the environmental and economic benefits of using electrocoat.

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